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Home » Are you looking for professional Shipping Customs Broker who can give you quick clearance within 1 day and fair service fees ? 

Are you looking for professional Shipping Customs Broker who can give you quick clearance within 1 day and fair service fees ? 

Think about how bad it would be if you ordered a product for delivery to a customer, for use or for sale, and the product was stuck at the Customs for a long time. Without knowing what the problem is and how to solve the problem. And no one has given you any useful information. You're wasting all your time Both product storage costs (warehouse costs) are increasing every day. The call center that provides services is extremely difficult to contact. You also have to wait for a long time on the phone. You never know when you will receive your order.

Wouldn't it be better for you to have professional Shipping broker as your advisor to providing advice to you regarding every matter of import and export ?? Shipping broker that will solve various problems related to import and export smoothly. Let you receive the product on time and Allow you to deliver products according to schedule, help solve the problem of importing goods and encountering various problems, such as problems with import licenses.

JP Cargo Service Our service is about the Customs clearance, planning duty and vat, advisor about the problems with Customs clarence process. We experienced about this filed more over 15 years. We are very welcome to help you about Thai Customs clearance process. 
- Packages stucked at Customs process with import license for FDA, NTBC, TISI, Agricultural etc.
- Under value declaration poblem
- Paperless Registration
- Tarriff and Tax advisory
- Express Cargo Clearance imported with FedEx, DHL, UPS

We Can Process At :
- Suvarnabhumi airport
- Postal Customs Service Division
- Bangkok Port
- Laem Chabang Port

Tel : 065-615-5153 | Line : @jpcargoservice | Email :

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Register the company form correctly. They are more reliable than ordinary people.

What our customers say

"I have used many other shipping services before. Encountered many problems including not being able to contact, clearing things slowly. Lots of extra expenses Until I came to use JP Cargo Service, many problems were gone. They have a team that has expertise in customs procedures and product release. Makes product clearing smoothly Khun Pla gave very good advice. Thank you very much JP Cargo Service."
Miss Parichart, Seafood Importer

“I imported products and I didn't know before that I had to request permission to import them. The product is quite expensive. DHL informed me that the item must be discarded. At first I couldn't think of anything. There was no solution, so I tried to find information and came across JP Cargo Service to help clear the products. Came out quickly within 1 day after the documents were complete. Thanks again to the JP Cargo Service team.”
Mr. Golf, Autoparts Importer

“I ordered products from Amazon and sent them through UPS. When they arrived in Thailand, UPS informed me that the products required TISI certified and could not be imported and had to be turned over to the country. At that time, I couldn't think of anything because the price of the product was quite high. So I looked for information and they recommended JP Cargo Service, so I tried using the service. Can actually clear out products and clear them out quickly. Thanks again to the JP Cargo Service team.”
Mr. Panut, Importer

We are happy to give free advice!! For all your problems
“We will clear the product for you without charging a service fee until we have cleared the product for you.”

Don't waste any more time. Let us help make your imports convenient, fast, seamless, and reduce your costs. Let us be your import consultant. Before it's all too late Hurry and contact us immediately. Click the Line button below. or Tel : 065 615 5153


If you are still not sure Let's look at reviews of customers who have used shipping services with JP Cargo Service first.